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September 21, 2018
17:50 Z

Aerial Reconnaissance in the Western North Pacific Basin

West Pacific recon in the last thirty minutes...

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the products our site checks.

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Important Note: Our site can no longer directly download obs from the NHC's recon archive. Our site cannot connect to their "https" site due to outdated software on our host's server that we can't upgrade. We plan to retrieve the obs through HurricaneCity's recon system. We hope to have this implemented this summer. Until then, if obs are missed in our system when checking individual product files from NOAA's FTP server they will not appear unless they are manually added later.

Other Notes: The vortex decoder has been rewritten to allow for the new vortex format. (about) The new version went online on May 24th.

When selecting a satellite layer in the CesiumJS display in Google Chrome, the panel will scroll to the bottom in most cases. In addition, satellite data does not currently automatically update in the Cesium display. You must refresh the page to update satellite imagery. These issues will be addressed in a future update. Updates will be made to the Cesium display at times that require refreshing one of the scripts of the display. Even refreshing the page may sometimes not work. You may have to visit the script here and refresh it manually before visiting the display if you have visited it previously.
System Status: Updating every minute. (summary)

6 product files are currently monitored in this basin.

Last check for data: Friday, Sep. 21, 2018 17:50 Z

Live West Pacific recon mapping...

Recon in the West Pacific Basin in Google Earth Google Earth
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Live Archive Miss a storm's recon? Easily catch up in our real time archive.
For a tutorial on how to use our recon system, click here. For a version of our Google Earth recon product that does not automatically fly to the plane's current location and allows you to view multiple missions at once, click here.